Hydroponic Controller

Be in full control of your fertigation system with iShence Hydroponic Controller.

With this controller you will be able to monitor and adjust you PH & EC, monitor water temprature, control up to 8 dosing pump, monitor water level (batch irrigation) or wate pressure (in-line irrigation), monitor liquid feritlizer levels all remotely and from anywhere with an internet connection.

Technical Specifications

Power supply: 230V/110 AC  (24V upon request)

Ingress protection: IP65

Sensors Input: 8

pH Range: 0 to 14 pH

pH Accuracy: (@25ºC/77ºF) ±0.5% f.s. pH

EC Range: 0 to 10 mS/cm

EC Accuracy: ±2% f.s. EC

EC/TDS Temperature Compensation: automatic 0 to 60°C (32 to 132°F) with β=2%/°C



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